The Octordle game served as the inspiration for the Thirdle online word guessing game. The player's goal is to correctly guess the three-letter word within three turns, ideally. A new color will appear after each attempt to estimate the outcome, showing whether or not the preceding guess was accurate. Become a member of Thirdle today to take on a range of fascinating assignments!

How to play

Third-grade participants accomplish challenges by rearranging words on the board and filling them in with the mouse. The final result will be displayed according to the color assigned to each letter in the word. The letter is marked in the proper location with the color blue. Orange denotes that you wrote the letter in the wrong place while inputting it even though it was there in the right response. If the margin is black, it signifies that this letter is not included in the response. Consider each of your hypotheses carefully, and try to get the right answer as soon as you can.

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