The Second Wordle

The Second Wordle

Another intriguing game named The Second Wordle has been created using the original Wordle's design. The game is more aesthetically pleasing and has superior visuals. Still, your objective is to identify a five-letter phrase in just six tries. The crossword will display a new color after each guess to reveal information about the secret keyword. When a letter in the crossword puzzle correctly recognizes the keyword and is in the right position, the letter becomes blue. Gray letters are words that don't occur anywhere in the target word, whereas yellow letters are words that are in the target word but don't appear where they should. Every day, a brand-new test on each subject will be available for you to study for. For our test, are you prepared? Play Second Word right now with your pals and have a ton of fun.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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