Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game
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Wordle Today» Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game



We hope you won't lose out on this opportunity for anything in the world since you would just be missing out on the chance to improve yourself while having a lot of fun! Sweet Boom is going to be one of the most enjoyable and sweetest puzzle games you play today on our website, pun intended.

Start off by selecting between the Normal and Extra levels of difficulty, move on to the first puzzle, and then attempt to solve them all, regardless of how challenging they get along the way.

You must use this trick to create all the jellies of the same color so they all explode when you click on a jelly enough times for it to explode. When it explodes, the jelly blasts itself all over the place, changing nearby jellies in their hue.

Once all of the jellies are the same hue or have been worked through and destroyed, you have won. Since you only have so many taps available, find the quickest technique to accomplish that.

How to play

Tap "Left Mouse Button" to pop the sweet.

Now that you've figured out how to solve these puzzles, go ahead and give it a shot! Have fun like you can only have here, and come back soon for more games!

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