We are glad you are here at Sweardle. In order to complete Sweardle, you must find a hidden word similar to a wordle in four tries, but this wordle only has four letters. Wow, it seems so simple! The time constraints and requirement to use dictionary words make the game's resolution more difficult.If you try it, you might discover why this online game is so popular.

How to play

In four trials, they solve the swear word.

Each word must be a 4-letter word that is legal.

The color of the letters changes after each attempt to indicate how close you were to spelling the word.

To submit, use the enter key.

After finishing the day's game, Sweardle allows participants to play a brand-new game. After completing your daily Sweardle, all you have to do is return and tap or click the complimentary Sweardle.

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