The popular Wordle served as inspiration for the game Survivle, which has an intriguing plot and encourages deliberate failure. The objective of this unique variation on the classic form is to create as many untrue assumptions as you can.

Unlike typical word games, Survivle presents a fresh gaming idea. Your intention is to erroneously interpret the material and draw the wrong conclusions from it. Your capacity to purposely interpret data incorrectly while still adhering to the rules is put to the test in this game.

The game offers a function to assist you in identifying mistakes in your current predictions due to the complexity of purposefully establishing incorrect assumptions. This feedback mechanism helps you identify the areas in which your presumptions are incorrect. Pay heed to the game's color-coded feedback:

  • Green: Text that has both keywords in the proper order is highlighted in green.
  • Yellow: If a letter in the keyword is present but is positioned incorrectly, it will turn yellow.
  • Gray: Letters that have absolutely nothing to do with the keyword will be gray.

The game presents a big challenge because winning requires a score of seven or above. This standard was established because, if this were Wordle, you would succeed with six correct guesses or fewer. Get ready for a challenge that will be more difficult than you can imagine.

How to play

  • The game allows either keyboard or mouse navigation, giving you versatility in how you interact.

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