Squaredle 2

Squaredle 2

Welcome to Squaredle 2, a unique and compelling word-building game that pushes players to think strategically and imaginatively. Players will have interesting experiences playing this intriguing word game and puzzle game hybrid. Making your opponent guess the letters you have concealed in your word list is the goal of the game.

You'll need one opponent, two sets of letter cards, and this game to play. The first player lists their 40 words (one card per word) on paper. They arranged all 40 cards face down in a row, hiding their chosen words, then wrote by alternating from top to bottom and left to right. To produce an impression and remove any writing, they ran their fingers across all 40 cards before laying them face down in front of them so they couldn't be seen.

The second player then flips over one of the first player's letter cards at a time and reads out loud (one letter at a time) what is written on it, from left to right from top to bottom, until the final player remains. Guess what letter it is. or give up trying. If both players are unable to leave at the same time, the player who leaves first must reveal their secret identity, but they may only do so once per round and then score all letters that remain.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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