Speedrun platformer

Speedrun platformer

One of the most exciting multiplayer racing games we have ever offered on our website is Speedrun Platformer. Pick a name and try your hardest to continuously break your own records so you can advance up the rankings even though you are just up against the clock and your own time on the screen. Other players from all over the world are comparing your runs and records.

How to play

You have three minutes to complete each level by making it to the end and jumping upon the golden trophy; if you don't, you lose. To prevent losing all three of your lives, stay away from contacting any enemies, hazards, or traps. If you do, you will also perish. 

Gather the coins and jewels you find along the way while you speedrun, then use them in the shop to buy new skins for your characters' bodies and powerups. The WASD or arrow keys can be used to move, jump, and double jump once that feature is activated.


How To Play

How To Play Speedrun platformer

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