With the help of Hello Wordl as its inspiration, the online word guessing game Speedle was created. The ancient television program Lingo has been modernized with this. The player's goal in this game is to locate 1 hidden word using 6 distinct opportunities. Are you capable of completing the assignment that has been given to you? Let's use Speedle to begin taming your inner demons right away.

How to play

Participants in Speedle move to finish the assignment using a combination of the keyboard and the mouse. The only control available to players is the mouse. When you have finished the exercise, the color of the appropriate letter will indicate whether or not your response was correct. Additionally, the game is pre-configured with a running speed timer that, when engaged, displays the code that characterizes the various parts of the word. That is, the degree of difficulty, the degree of correctness, and the number of words. Pay attention, and finish it right now!

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