The word-guessing puzzle game Shiftle gives the traditional concept a modern twist. By moving just one letter in the word in 1-3 positions in each direction in the alphabet, players must identify a five-letter word in the game. Although the game is based on the well-known Wordle game, it has its own gaming mechanics that add originality and an interesting element to the play.

In order to win, players must correctly predict a word that has had one of its letters moved 1-3 positions either forward or backward in the alphabet. The game offers color-coded feedback, with green indicating that the guess was accurate and yellow indicating that the guess was correct but in the incorrect spot. The rules of the game are simple to comprehend and open to players of all skill levels, making it user-friendly as well.

To make sure that players never run out of difficulties, the game changes frequently through daily riddles. The game also has a mode called Swap Shiftle that offers an additional layer of hints. Players can exchange a pair of tiles on each row in this mode, providing them with hints that can help them figure out the right phrase.

Both new and experienced players can have fun with this intriguing puzzle game. The game is interesting because of its original and creative gameplay mechanisms. It is a flexible game that may suit the needs of many different players since players can switch between the standard and Swap Shiftle modes according to their preferences.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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