Rundle is an entertaining word game that promises to test your vocabulary and critical-thinking abilities. In order to provide feedback, the game uses color-coded boxes. The object of the game is to guess a secret phrase in a predetermined number of trials. A green box indicates a letter that is in the target word's proper position. A yellow box shows a letter that is in the wrong position, and a gray box indicates a letter that is not a part of the target word.

The "Count only the last hint" rule distinguishes the game from others. It is important to use the most recent facts to build knowledgeable estimates because this rule specifies that only responses from your most recent guess will be taken into account. To properly strategize and reduce the options, players must rely on the most recent feedback.

Rundle delivers a cognitively challenging experience that calls for players to strategize and think critically. The user-friendly color-coded feedback system makes it simpler for players to understand and react to the information given. The "Only count the last hint" rule makes the game more intriguing for participants by incorporating a strategic aspect and a sense of suspense. Players can enjoy this game anywhere and at any time, and it is the ideal brain exercise. Discover the hidden puns in this fun game by giving it a try right away.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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