Royal Story

Royal Story

A prince from Royal Story recently traveled to these countries, where he was treated like any other person or young child. Get to work and assist this prince in taking all necessary chances and participating in all aspects of the game in order to win and accomplish the royal secret mission. This Royal Story presents you with this fantastic tale of a dashing prince who has entered the dwarven kingdom. You must follow this dwarf's instructions as soon as you arrive here. This entails, for instance, selecting the proper plant or seed and repeatedly planting everything until your clover is fully developed. In exchange for milk, gather it and offer the dwarf's cow her preferred variety of clover. Add it to your inventory, continue on to the next task, and be prepared for there to be a lot of errands and chores to finish before you can unlock the other adventure components of this game. ready. Ready. Be prepared. Try a different crop if you can, and buy as much extra clover as you can afford.

How to play

Use the mouse.

How To Play

How To Play Royal Story

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