Roundle is an entertaining and thought-provoking puzzle game with a rail theme that tests players' problem-solving and transportation expertise. This game offers a new twist by requiring players to estimate a precise set of three trains that can complete the train trip, with crossings between them being valid. The well-known Wordle games served as inspiration for the game.

After every attempt, the player receives feedback on how accurate their selections were, and after every guess, they receive hints that lead them to the right answer. This game is perfect for both puzzle solvers and transit aficionados because it constantly introduces new rail challenges and gives players the chance to explore various transit systems and routes.

To guess the right mix of trains that make up the train trip, you have to make a total of six attempts. To improve your forecasts and get closer to a solution, use your understanding of rail routes and intersections. Every day, the game offers a ton of brainteasers with a rail theme, giving puzzle solvers and fans of transportation alike a fulfilling and intellectually engaging experience.

Every day, a new train challenge is added to the game, giving players endless chances to discover new transit routes and systems. It's a fun daily exercise that improves mental clarity and problem-solving abilities. Welcome to a joyful and enlightening voyage!

How to play

  • Using the mouse and keyboard, the player selects the appropriate response and completes the missing information.

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