Roller Ski Queen

Roller Ski Queen

It's Roller Ski Queen! Now, your dreams will come true. As a skier, it is time for you to show that you can be a good one! It only works if you can win the races and show everyone how good you are. Only then can you become the Queen of Ice! Do you think you can handle this?

If you are good at skiing, people will think you are graceful and not very smart. All the time, people talk about your beauty and grace. As well, you want to show everyone how well you have done and how hard you work as an artist. On top of the ice, glide gracefully through the ice platform. Then jump on the ice. Make sure you get the coins and avoid the things that come your way. You won't be able to move at all if they hurt you. Coins can also help you get new skins and look better on the ice. Left-click and swipe your mouse to move your character around the screen. Make sure you're the winner!

How To Play

How To Play Roller Ski Queen

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