Welcome to Riddle, a hard and entertaining puzzle game that puts your ability to decipher words to the test! Riddle Game offers a daily word problem to keep you interested and amused, just like Wordle does. Word Games does not, however, offer incremental tips based on how accurately each letter is spelled.

Instead, after each attempt, you will be given broad feedback that will tell you if your guess was accurate, only partially accurate, or entirely incorrect. This feedback encourages you to use strategic thinking and sound judgment. A new puzzle is released each day. After each guess, the color of the boxes will change to indicate how near the word your guess is.

  • Green: The concealed word has a letter that is present and positioned correctly.
  • A letter is highlighted in yellow if it is in the hidden word but is not in its proper place.
  • Letters in any other color or none at all.

Your goal is to decipher the hidden word by combining words and letters to complete the problem in six tries. You must wait until the following day to begin a new challenge once you've finished the daily puzzle or have used all six of your attempts. Can you master the day's challenges and hone your word-solving skills?

How to play

  • Use the mouse

Why not try a puzzle game? You can begin right away with a game that is comparable to this one, like Rhyme Time. While having fun with friends or family, challenge yourself and acquire some new information!

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