To win at Reverdle, you must use a combination of talent, logic, and strategy. It's a hard and thrilling experience because of its original reverse twist on the well-known word-guessing game Wordle.

The first guess in the game is excused and will not count against the ten guesses needed to win. The goal is to get ten straight correct guesses without coming across any green letters. The comments following each guess offer insightful information on the correct letters and their locations. However, because green letters shouldn't show up in any predictions, it's important to evaluate the feedback and modify the approach as necessary.

It is vital to have strong language skills because Reverdle places a lot of emphasis on reliable predictions. The data, which does not include personal information, is recorded by the game to track usage statistics. The information can be used to spot recurring trends and guide any game updates or modifications.

A fun and thought-provoking alternative to the common word-guessing game is provided by Reverdle. Players are pushed by the game's reverse format to use reasoning, evaluate feedback, and make wise judgments. Because of this, Reverdle assists players in expanding their vocabulary while honing their strategic thinking.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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