Proustle is essentially a "Proustified" version of Wordle that tests players' comprehension of the well-known writer. Players get six chances every day to find the word of the day, which has to do with Proust's life or works. The game has color-coded letter suggestions, just like Wordle, which gives the player a layer of mystery and strategy.

This game, though, offers an alternative to the standard concept. The answer's letter count varies every day, adding to the game's complexity and excitement. Players are compelled by this to use their imaginations and explore Proust's enormous literary canon. In order to give everyone an equal opportunity to solve the daily problem, players will be assisted along the way by being given the initial letter of the solution.

Fans of Marcel Proust will find this game to be a pleasant and inventive way to connect with his works. If you're interested in delving into Marcel Proust's enthralling world, this is an intriguing substitute.

How to play

  • Enter the words using the virtual keyboard or the physical keyboard.

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