Popcultured is a game that takes the well-known word game Wordle and adds a distinctive twist by centering around the years that different types of media were released. With a pop culture twist, this word-guessing game is tough and entertaining, modeled after Wordle.

Guessing the year that three distinct kinds of media were released is the goal of this game. These media products include songs, movies, TV series, novels, and video games. Finding the general year when all three media pieces were launched was the goal. Using a keyboard or typing interface, players enter their responses in an attempt to predict the correct year. They can try six times to get the right response.

In order to make informed guesses in this game, participants are encouraged to apply their knowledge of popular culture and media history. Players are forced to think more critically than simply guessing letters, as they would in Wordle, by concentrating on the year of release. They need to consider the release dates of these media and any future relationships between them. Every fan of pop culture and word games will find something to enjoy in this game, regardless of whether they are a TV geek, movie lover, or voracious reader!

How to play

  • You can click on the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen or type your response using the keyboard.

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