Pop Words

Pop Words

For those who like to test their intelligence and logical reasoning, we present the fresh, amusing word puzzle game Pop Words. There is an exciting tournament that you can participate in. A number of characters, including you, will appear on the screen in front of you. Type the appropriate word to pop the balloons. Prioritize beating your opponent to the base while avoiding severe obstacles. Compete against online gamers from around the world and get there first. They will each be supported by a ball of a different color. Under the heroes, one can see a field of squares. They will contain the letters of the alphabet. The fundamentals of the competition are rather simple. You need to make sure that your hero is knocked to the ground faster than the enemy. To do this, you'll have to pop the balls. To make the balls explode, you must make words using alphabet letters that match the squares. If your hero touches the ground first, you win the race and score points.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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