The goal of the guessing game, Poeltl is to recognize a well-known basketball player. This game is an improved version of Wordle that adds data from the NBA tournament. In order to participate in Poeltl, a player must identify the identity of the secret basketball player in a maximum of 8 tries. It's remarkable how exciting it is, isn't it? To ensure that you don't miss out on any of the fantastic opportunities, sign up for Poeltl right away.

How to play

Players in Poeltl use the mouse to move about the board and finish the numerous chores and puzzles that are provided to them. The finished item will come in a range of hues:

There is a match if any column is colored green!

A yellow hue in the team column designates an unidentified player who once played for this team but does not at the moment.

When the color yellow shows up in the position column, it means that the player's position is only partly correct.

Any other column that is yellow indicates that the player who is being hidden is within two (inches, years, or digits) of the property at issue.

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