Similar to Wordle in that it offers players a thrilling daily puzzle experience, Plusword is a fun and well-liked online word puzzle game. Players enter words onto a grid with five squares, each of which corresponds to a letter in the mystery word, to play the game. The five-letter mystery word can be accurately guessed six times per player. After entering a prediction, the game uses squares of various colors to indicate how accurate the forecast was. The letter in the yellow square is the letter in the mystery word but in a different place, and the letter in the green square is the letter in that square in the mystery word in the correct position. The letter is not present in the mystery word, as indicated by the red square.

Every day a new obstacle is presented to players, and as the week goes on, the game's difficulty rises. Plusword has gained popularity among fans of word games who like the challenge of figuring out mystery words with a constrained amount of guesses. Additionally, the game is accessible and usable by players from all over the world because of its availability in numerous languages. Plusword also offers clues and a list of solutions to assist players who struggle to guess cryptic words.

To play Plusword successfully, you should first guess common letters to comprehend the word's structure. Then, you should use the plus signs to limit the options available for each letter position. The number of alternatives can be reduced by paying attention to how long the secret word is. As you try various letter combinations, the correct word will eventually come to mind. So, start your daily word-guessing adventure with Plusword, rise to the occasion, and enjoy learning the daily mystery word!

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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