Plane Racing Madness
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Plane Racing Madness

Plane Racing Madness

Plane Racing Madness

Plane Racing Madness
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Plane Racing Madness



Plane Racing Madness is here! The popularity of films like Top Gun: Maverick is certainly proof enough that boys all over the world love the idea of racing with military aircraft, and something tells us that this game will be extremely popular among our visitors too! It is free and available to be played online unblocked by boys everywhere. Even better, this is one of our newest airplane games for two players, which makes playing against other real players even more thrilling!

How to play

Of course, if you select the Solo option, you play alone, but this mode also offers three different ways to play, and they are as follows:

Arcade: In this game, you must progress through levels that get harder as the tracks go faster.

In a time trial, the goal is to complete the courses before the countdown to zero has finished.

Championship: win each race you enter to go up the standings, then win the finals to claim the title of sky champ!


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