Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target

Football fanatics will enjoy new game Penalty Kick Target. Time for penalties! Is your self-confidence high? Preparation is key if you plan on using the additional chance to score a goal against the competition. For Penalty Kick Target, you'll be given a slew of such alternatives, and you'll need to make the most of them.." The left-handed player threw a ball. And you want to pitch each of them into the goal, but not in a fair manner, but exactly at the red circular target. You can't do that. She'll switch up the setting every time, so you're never stuck playing the same Punishment Kick Target online soccer game again. If the subsequent strike is also on target, you'll get 10 coins for each hit. This computer soccer game has all of these elements.

How To Play

How To Play Penalty Kick Target

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