Welcome to PANTS ON FIRE!, a novel word game that combines Fibble's gameplay components with Wordle's ubiquity. Prepare yourself for an all-question-solving experience where your objective is to swiftly identify a word with hidden letters in a constrained number of tries.

In this game, all the hints are purposefully fake or lies, in contrast to Wordle, where you receive precise clues concerning the actual letters. As a result, the game becomes more difficult because you have to figure out the hidden word without using any specific tactics.

offers an endless game mode where you can erroneously change the number of relationships or stick with the defaults in the settings menu. This enables you to change the level of difficulty in accordance with your preferences or expertise. The game allows you to click on the squares to take notes, which will help you keep track of your progress and allow the letters to be combined. For your reference only; they have no bearing on the game.

The game concentrates on answering questions by using minimal audio elements and a straightforward graphic design. By changing the difficulty levels in infinite mode, you can adapt the game's trials to your preferences. The game features a variety of additional aids that can improve your gameplay and strategy even further.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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