The newest game in the guessing game genre, OWLeL, is a distinctive and thrilling game that mixes the excitement of esports with the traditional guessing game structure. The Overwatch League (OWL), a professional esports league for the well-known video game Overwatch, is the subject of the game. Using the hints and facts given after each guess, the goal of the game is to identify the identities of Overwatch League players in the allotted number of tries.

The purpose of the game is to assess participants' familiarity with OWL teams, players, roles, and nationalities. The objective of the game is for players to identify an OWL player in just eight trials. The game offers suggestions in the form of hints to assist in refining the options after each guess.

The player's country (KR), role (Rôle du joueur), team direction point (E), team logo (Seoul Infernal), and team hemisphere (Hémisphere de l'équipe) are among the hints given following each guess. Players must correctly infer and identify OWL players based on these hints.

In addition to being an enjoyable and difficult game, Overwatch League fans may use it as a platform to gauge how well-versed they are in the league's players and clubs. Players must comprehend the OWL player's role, nationality, and team allegiance in order to play the game. For fans of Overwatch League, this makes OWLeL an enjoyable and captivating game where they can showcase their abilities and expertise.

How to play

  • Step by step directions must be followed by moving and clicking the mouse. Make an effort to finish the job quickly.

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