Welcome to Oundle, a game that transports you on an exhilarating journey across the heart of the United Kingdom! It's an exciting and cerebral environment! Assume the role of an expert investigator solving enigmas surrounding British city names in a captivating Wordle-style puzzle.

You will get helpful tips to help you find the right answer with every guess. You'll be put to the test as you navigate a maze of intriguing city names, testing your knowledge, intelligence, and strategic thinking.

There are two thrilling game modes in this game to choose from. Either select random mode and play as many games as you'd like, or dive into daily mode and solve the city name of the day. Your chances of discovering the solution are increased by the meticulous selection of the game's cities, which are drawn from the top 1000 by population. Are you prepared to discover the stunning cities of the United Kingdom and lose yourself in a world of charm? The time is running out, so sharpen your abilities and start having fun!

How to play

  • Play the game by forming words with the keyboard.


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