In the game Numerle, your goal is to correctly guess a hidden mathematical equation in six trials. It's an excellent method to improve your arithmetic skills while having fun. This game is a great option if you enjoy math or just want to challenge your brain.

This game has easy rules, yet it's still hard. The hidden equation, which consists of mathematical signs and numbers, can be guessed six times. The game offers feedback in three colors—gray, brown, and green—after each attempt. The number or sign is shown as green when it is in the right place in the equation, brown when it is in the equation but not in the right place, and gray when it is not included in the sent equation.

You'll be able to progressively develop the right equation by honing your approach with the assistance of the feedback given following each attempt. Make changes to your predictions based on this input to increase your chances of winning. You win the game if you can correctly predict the equation in six tries!

This is a fun and cognitively taxing game that tests your math and pattern-recognition abilities. It's a fantastic method to sharpen your intellect while having fun. Now is the perfect time to test your math skills with Numerle!

How to play

  • Type your answer using the keyboard or the left mouse button.

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