Math puzzle game Numbword draws inspiration from the popular Wordle game. Your objective in this game is to correctly estimate the outcome based on the letters added together and the hints supplied by the color shift. Your guess will be assessed each time based on how closely it matches the target's letter total. The amount you pay or the number of points deducted from your score depends on the discrepancy between your prediction and the game's calculated goal total. Depending on the game's design, the specific color changes may vary, but generally speaking, they act as suggestions to help you discover the right phrase.

To locate the enigmatic five-letter word, you must make a guess. You can focus your prediction by using the target word's letter count to your advantage. It will cost you points for each guess. Your forecast and the total number of goals determine how many points will be taken away. Eliminate letters from potential words that don't add up or that contradict color hints. Make educated assumptions based on the information you have and use a combination of known amounts and color cues to direct your decisions. Keep a record of your forecasts and the color cues you discover by taking notes or using a methodical approach. This can make it easier for you to infer the right word.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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