Noob vs Zombies

Noob vs Zombies


It's called Noob vs. Zombie. Navigate through a variety of zombies and enemies in biome mazes. The Pro betrayed Noob and left him in a maze full of various undead. While navigating mystifying labyrinths, you will engage in deadly encounters with zombies. When you explore the mazes of each biome in search of Pro and fight the cheater, he will hinder you with his cunning technology. Ammunition, improvements, and coin gathering. Every character provides a coin value. Crack open the crates containing the gold and mysterious items. Avoid traps, elude enemies, and solve puzzles as you make your way through villages, dungeons, deserts, and the North Pole. This game ought to be fun to play.

How to play

Use the mouse or touch-screen to navigate.


How To Play

How To Play Noob vs Zombies

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