Noob vs 1000 Freddys
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Noob vs 1000 Freddys

Noob vs 1000 Freddys

Noob vs 1000 Freddys

Noob vs 1000 Freddys
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Noob vs 1000 Freddys


Welcome to Noob vs. 1000 Freddys, one of the most exciting shooting games in our Five Nights at Freddy's Games category—literally two of the most well-liked subcategories of the game. Together, we will create a truly wonderful experience. We highly urge everyone to use it for free!

How to play

Move with WASD, aim and shoot with the mouse, reload with R, sprint faster with Shift, and jump with Space. To pick up items, press F, and to crouch, press CTRL.

Visit the weapon store as you earn cash by finishing levels to purchase stronger and better weapons to use against your adversaries. Now that you are aware of everything, get ready to have fun and remember to invite your friends!

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