Noob Torch Flip 2D

Noob Torch Flip 2D


You must flip a Noob's Torch in the electrifying arcade machine Noob Torch Flip 2D. Bring the torch to a flutter or perhaps a double flip. How? To jump, just time the tap you make on the screen. 

Jump on different objects like minecarts, lava, trees, and even foes as you explore different biomes! Work on your coordination, agility, and control of the jump's force and height. Calculating the distance correctly is critical because it determines whether you can win by being the first person to cross the finish line.

Noob Torch Flip 2D will keep you entertained with its intriguing stages, unique obstacles, and flawless flips.Enjoy!

How to play

Your success in Noob Torch Flip 2D, a game like Noob vs Pro vs Hacker vs God, depends on when you tap the screen and jump.


How To Play

How To Play Noob Torch Flip 2D

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