The innovative and captivating word-guessing game MTRdle blends puzzle-solving abilities with the intricacy of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system. In order to complete the game within a certain number of attempts, players must determine which three rail routes, when combined, may make a valid trip.

A set of three rail lines that are thought to make up a feasible journey are included in each guess. Players can submit their predictions regarding the correct order of train lines up to six times during the game. The game gives the user feedback—that is, details about how accurate their estimate was—after every guess.

This game's feedback mechanism is crucial since it allows players to focus and improve their predictions. The response provides information about whether or not certain rail lines are included in the itinerary, if they are in the right order, and whether or not they are included in the itinerary but are not in the proper place. Players are able to adapt their methods and learn from their mistakes thanks to this feedback mechanism.

The variations in each of the puzzles make this game more appealing and enjoyable. While figuring out each challenge, players must take real MTR timetables and events into account. Every train line is routed according to a weekday noon schedule, which adds to the realism of the game. The experience of the game is made more realistic by this attention to detail, which also forces players to think about how the MTR actually operates.

How to play

  • To finish the task, the player has to move and use the mouse to do what they're told. Do your best to finish the job quickly.

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