Monster School Challenges

Monster School Challenges


One of the top brand-new Minecraft Noob Games available online is Monster School Challenges. From beginning to end, this game is a highly engaging experience because of its many mini-games, which include creepers, zombies, Noobs, Stevers, and other renowned pixelated creatures. We know you'll adore playing them!

How to play

There are three special lessons, each with its own mini-game, underneath the "New Game" and "Continue" buttons:

In this first lesson, you will try to flip a bottle in the air so that it lands upright on the table by swiping it. You lose if it lands somewhere else.

Parkour lesson number two: click to begin moving ahead, then hit S to stop. Stopping when necessary can help you avoid getting hit on the head by falling bricks and other hazards.

Lesson 3: Roller Coaster: Click or tap to jump over the TNT as Noob moves forward on the roller coaster's tracks; otherwise, you'll blow up and lose.


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