Microsoft Word Twister

Microsoft Word Twister

Is the Microsoft Word Twister game just what you need to sharpen your mind and expand your vocabulary? Playing this entertaining web game is like stepping into a live puzzle playground. Picture an alphabetic grid of tiles. Each one would be adorned with a different letter. On the panel, you'll see a task that asks you to compose words of a certain length.

Master the art of wordsmithing with the simple press of a button. Use your mouse to move and link tiles to form words. Points are awarded for each correct guess; longer words provide greater rewards. Get ready to face increasingly harder challenges as you learn new, less common terms. Playing the game can help you expand your vocabulary. As you discover new words in your vocabulary, your understanding will grow. So, are you prepared to put your literary skills to the test and maybe succeed?

How To Play

Simply arrange the tiles on the shelf by clicking or dragging them, then hit the check button to form a word.

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