Depending on the difficulty setting you select, the objective of the game Mathler is to do the proper mathematical operation in as few attempts as possible. If you are successful, Math Wordle will display how long it took you to complete the challenge. The choice to publish it on your virtual communities is then available. You can definitely show it to your friends and it can only be played all day.

Due to its ease of use and the fact that it offers three various game types, the easy hobby of Mathler has become very popular. Mathler (6 squares and up to 2 operators), Easy Mathler (5 squares and 1 operator), and Hard Mathler (8 squares and up to 3 operators).

How to play

The first five and/or characters are placed correctly.

The second five are located elsewhere in the answer.

The solutions do not include 0, -, or 2.

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