Unlike other well-known mobile games, Linkr is a distinct puzzle game. The daily format of this game is one of its primary unique aspects. Three daily puzzles are available to players in the game, and each one presents a fresh challenge. Every day, players can return to test their puzzle-solving prowess and take pleasure in a fresh experience.

The gameplay of the game is easy to understand because of its tap and drag controls. Simply tapping one spot and dragging the line to the other allows players to join integers with ease. To make it easier for players to plan their actions and identify the best option, this line automatically breaks to connect two locations. However, gamers aiming to put their analytical and strategic thinking skills to the test will find the game's escalating difficulty to be a demanding experience.

Making sure that every dot is joined into a single, continuous chain is the goal of the game. In order to finish the problem, the player must utilize every area on the grid and connect every dot. As there is only one solution to each puzzle, players must carefully consider their next action in order to arrive at the right answer. For the player, solving a puzzle by successfully joining all the dots can be a tremendously fulfilling and rewarding experience.

This is an enjoyable and difficult game that is ideal for puzzle-loving players. Its regular schedule, progressively harder stages, and simple gaming mechanics distinguish it from other current smartphone games. Players will remain interested in the game, find it stimulating, and keep coming back for more.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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