Letter Boom Blast

Letter Boom Blast

You must at least know a little bit of English to play Letter Boom Blast easily and with enjoyment. In reality, Letter Boom Blast is more of a letter puzzle game than a fully polished arcade title. By timely blasting all the incorrect letters from the block walls and obstacles in each level, you will be able to assist the red stickman bulb player in reaching the finish line. However, even if it's entirely unfamiliar to you, you may still begin learning it by playing a fun 3D stickman game. The goal is to cross the finish line, but on the route there will be columns of blocks in various colors, each of which will be identified by a letter. Though an alphabetical letter is not required, we create some sort of vertical word. You must use a ball that has been amplified with a key to knock him down. If your hero follows the correct steps, he will move forward. Otherwise, Letter Boom Blast will conclude the race.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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