Knights and Brides

Knights and Brides

Find the location of Knights and Bridesmaids's most illustrious and sought-after lighthouse before it's too late. Until the task is accomplished, make sure to heed Uncle Bill's advice and hunt down all the tips. It won't be easy at all, but the work will be well worth it, so be sure to defeat the bad guys and other bad guys along the route by eliminating them all at once! Let's help this little explorer so he can freely explore some mountains and gloomy locations.

The first step, for instance, is to cut a flowering plant. Take it off to reveal another aspect of this enigmatic location. Make the necessary adjustments and plan the most efficient path to the lighthouse. Other villains and terrible guys will prevent you from finishing this journey. As quickly as you can, get rid of them all by fighting them, earning cash and experience, and making investments.

How to play

Use YOUR MOUSE to play.

How To Play

How To Play Knights and Brides

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