In Short

In Short

Play the game In Short to go on an exciting journey that sharpens your thinking and mental dexterity. By figuring out a number of challenging riddles, players are forced to put their cognitive skills to the test in this unique and entertaining game. Because of the novel approach to problem solving in the game, players must apply creativity and analytical abilities to come up with solutions utilizing a certain set of alphabetic letters.

Puzzles are placed prominently on the playing field, and players are met with an aesthetically pleasing interface upon joining the game. A series of letters is waiting to be used to construct the response beneath the question. The trick is to use these letters to help each person formulate a clear, concise response in their own minds. The player gains points and moves on to the next level when they complete each puzzle and send in the solution using the letters in the alphabet that are provided.

How to play

  • This game can be played with a mouse.

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