Idle Airline Tycoon
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Idle Airline Tycoon

Idle Airline Tycoon

Idle Airline Tycoon

Idle Airline Tycoon
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Idle Airline Tycoon



Concerning Idle Airline Tycoon: By starting a flight company and making money, you can be a real airline manager. Make your airports better to attract more travelers. You can still make money even when offline. While considering alternative, really exciting options, use the optional prestige system to progress your career. Have fun playing! 

Using more than 50 cities on several continents, you may run your own airline and expand it to every corner of the world. Additionally, there are 25 distinct aircraft types available for your chosen itinerary. Why are you holding out? Invite your friends to the game right away! 

How to play

Tap or click to follow the game's instructions.


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