Hurdles Heroes

Hurdles Heroes


With the Hurdles Heroes video game, a protracted race journey begins with 100-meter hurdles on each of the seven continents, with several distinct racers from throughout the globe! With a companion or by yourself, you can compete in the races in the two-player game mode against CPU racers. Before you start, choose the national flag of your country. If you can complete it with the highest score, you'll win the competition! Try to land on the areas marked "Perfect" to earn an advantage during the races. Keep going!

How to play

1st player: "W"

 "UP ARROW," said Player 2. 

At the last second, leap over the hurdles to quicken your pace. You compete across a total of 7 continents, and if you can rule them all, you win. You can participate in tournaments either alone or with a partner.

How To Play

How To Play Hurdles Heroes

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