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Wordle Today» Hexologic



Enjoy the amazing world of Hexologic. Enjoy challenging but rewarding puzzles and soothing music as you immerse yourself into the game's atmosphere.

Hexologic, a language-independent logic game that is easy to understand and addictive, is very simple to play. This game, which is based upon hexagonal grids takes the sudoku rules to a new level. For both puzzle game professionals and beginners, the fun part of the game is to combine the dots from the hexes so that their total equals the one at the edge. The basic gameplay concept is enhanced with a soothing soundtrack and beautiful visuals, as well as difficult, but not insurmountable, puzzles that will bring hours of enjoyment to players of all ages.

  • 6 totally different game worlds.
  • There are more than 90 levels to choose from.
  • Challengesome, but not impossible puzzles.
  • Relaxing, creating an environment that is calm and peaceful.
  • The game's atmosphere is highlighted by the atmospheric soundtrack.

Hexologic will show you who is the greatest master of hexagons.


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