Players of all ages find Hertl, a puzzle game that can be played online, quite interesting. Within eight trials, participants must correctly guess the name of a hockey player who has been concealed. That's amazing, isn't it? Join Hertl as soon as you can to take advantage of all the fantastic opportunities!

How to play

To move the mouse and complete the mission, players take on the role of Hertl. You have eight chances to choose the NHL player correctly, and you must. You'll find out how much closer you are to finding the secret player with each guess. While the gray cells are not matched, the yellow and green cells are nearly matched. The mystery player has likely played for the team of the person whose identity has been determined if the team's color is yellow. There will be an arrow indicating whether your estimate is higher or lower than the real value for the player's age and the number of jerseys. The only competitors allowed in the competition are current NHL players. I wish you luck!

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