Hangman Plus

Hangman Plus

Welcome to the Hangman Plus universe. Enjoy a genuine pen-and-paper experience along with a relaxing jazz background as you solve endlessly entertaining word puzzles. In Hangman Plus, your main objective is to hang the man who was dragged through the slingshot on the gallows in order to stop his execution. You'll need to work out a fascinating problem to accomplish this. You may see a portion of the gallows on the screen in front of you. A word with some letters missing will be written to the right of it. You'll notice a table with the alphabetic letters below the word. To restore the word, you must click on the necessary letters. A portion of the gallows will cease if you select the incorrect letter. Try your hardest to win the campaign mode, or just take it easy while guessing words in whatever category you like. A few incorrect responses will result in the suspension of your drawn man and your elimination from the round.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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