Gravity Soccer 3

Gravity Soccer 3


One of our favorite puzzle games is Gravity Soccer 3. To make your ball roll the opposite way, click the bomb. To make your ball advance, click the puncher. Want to collect every star for the grand prize?

How to play

Gravity Soccer 3 will precisely apply logic and the laws of physics to make you mentally exhausted. Aim to push the ball on target and score by paying close attention to each stage and getting ready to demolish blocks, set off bombs, and take any other necessary action. 

You must also try to collect all of the stars scattered throughout each level! Act thoughtfully and strategically as you progress through dozens of levels filled with riddles to complete and innumerable objectives to score. Are you prepared to face the numerous challenges that lie on the other side of the entertaining screen for you? I'm hoping you enjoy yourself!

How To Play

How To Play Gravity Soccer 3

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