Going Balls

Going Balls

This ball is ready for an adventure in Going Balls! With the small sparkling ball, you will discover a series of thrilling roads. Are you up for the adventure?

You can find a multitude of platforms for one small ball on this game. The balls will be rolled up in the air, and you will attempt to reach the end at each level. There are many levels to choose from, starting with level 1. The background will change in the advanced rounds and you'll have beautiful scenery to look at. There are more problems and the roadblocks may change. There won't be any more side support bars or massive hammers moving around the road. There won't be ramps to jump on. After you've completed the levels, collect the coins and you unlock the skins. To find out how many levels your journey will last, just keep pressing the arrow keys.

Roller Ball 6: Bounce Ball 6 is another great option for those who enjoyed spinning this ball game with amazing 3D visuals.

How To Play

How To Play Going Balls

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