In the game Geodle, players must identify well-known landmarks in Singapore with just guesswork and hints. Players can select from a variety of places in this game, including shopping malls, parks, MRT and LRT stations, and subway stations. The obstacles that each genre presents add to the game's diversity and intrigue. The game offers something for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer the calm of serene parks or the bustle of busy metro stations.

The game starts with the player's initial guess, and it gives them tips based on how far away and where their guess is from the chosen place. The player comes closer to the solution with each guess, and the hints get increasingly detailed. Finding the chosen place in a set amount of tries is the aim. Play now to find hidden gems in Singapore that you were previously unaware of!

How to play

  • Use the keyboard and left mouse to interact with the game and select the right response.

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