Gene of the Day

Gene of the Day

Gene of the Day is a word-guessing game that is centered around human genes and is modeled after the well-known Wordle game. The objective of the game is for the player to guess the name of a human gene in a set number of attempts. The game offers players a plethora of options by utilizing gene names from the database.

The feedback system of the game is akin to that of Wordle; green symbols indicate symbols that are positioned correctly, yellow symbols indicate symbols that are in the gene name but are not positioned correctly, and gray symbols represent symbols that are not affiliated with any organization. What is the gene's name?

Gamers are urged to use tools like databases to make calculated assumptions and deliberate choices on gene names. The game is difficult since players must determine the gene name by using the feedback that is given after each guess and figure out the correct name in the allotted number of tries.

This entertaining and instructive game offers players a fun method to learn about human genes and their nomenclature while having fun with a twist on the traditional word-guessing game structure. The game is a great resource for both students and experts in the area because it uses a database, which makes it easier to understand even for people who are unfamiliar with genetic nomenclature. the genetics domain.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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