The newest game in the genre of word guessing is called Flagdle, and it's a fun and interesting take on the well-known Wordle game. It's an entertaining and informative game where players have to recognize nations instead of guessing words. The goal of the game is to correctly identify the target nation, also known as the "Flag," in six tries.

The game mechanics are straightforward but difficult. The target country is presented to the players, and they have to determine which country they believe could be the FLAG. The game gives feedback in the form of closeness, direction, and distance after each guess. Distance is a unit of measurement used to express the geographic separation in kilometers between the target country and the forecast country. This direction indicates the cardinal directions—North, South, East, West, etc.—where the target country is in relation to the player's prediction. Lastly, the prediction's proximity to the target nation is indicated by the closeness percentage.

This game gains a strategic component from the feedback system as players utilize hints to anticipate outcomes for their next attempts. A player's neighborhood percentage will increase with the proximity of their forecast to the target nation. As they advance through the game, this feedback mechanism pushes players to use their understanding of geography, reasoning abilities, and distance feedback to create more accurate predictions. Why don't you give Flagdle a go right now and see if you can recognize it after six tries?

How to play

Enter the name of the country using the search bar.

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