Get ready to test your word-guessing skills with Feudle now! A fun online game that challenges players to guess a secret word suggested by Google's autocomplete feature. With six attempts at guessing the word, Feudle offers an engaging and challenging gameplay experience. The game provides visual feedback in the form of color-coded tiles, allowing players to narrow down their predictions and attempt to find the correct word.

Search queries with specific terms and an ellipsis at the end will be shown to you. You have to guess the word that the ellipsis indicates. The game will tell you if your guess was correct after each attempt and will change the color coding of the tiles to reflect this.

  • The appropriate cell in the word row will be filled with the selected letter and turn green if the selected letter is part of a word.
  • The cell will turn red if the selected letter is not in the word.
  • The cell will turn yellow if the selected letter is not in the correct position.

You win the game if you guess the word correctly six times in a row! If not, you can restart the game and try again.

How to play

  • Click and drag the letter boxes to the appropriate position on the horizontal line using the mouse or trackpad.

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