Evil Wordle

Evil Wordle

The popular word-guessing game Wordle has a fresh and entertaining new version called Evil Wordle. Players must correctly identify a secret phrase six times in this very addictive game that has a ton of features and gameplay possibilities. Players can also make their own word clouds in the game, which gives the gameplay a more unique feel.

The game's rules are fairly straightforward and simple to comprehend. Depending on the game option selected, the player has five or six chances to find the concealed word. After each attempt, the color of the letters changes to reflect how well the guess matches the word. The game chooses to match as many words as it can and has no default word.

Players can alter the game's settings in a number of ways to suit their preferences. They can play in angel or devil mode, with or without time restrictions, and with colorblind mode turned on for easier vision. These options make the game more enjoyable to play and enable users to engage in competitive play and share their results on social media.

The only requirement for playing is that the player submit a valid 5- or 6-letter word on each attempt. The letters utilized in each trial will then be listed by Evil Wordle, which will turn green if the letter is present and in the proper spot rather than yellow otherwise. The game is a terrific option for hours of enjoyable, friendly competition with friends and family because of its simplicity and adaptability. Let's test your ability to deceive 'bad' scenarios in the future!

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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